Magnus Magnusson

Big Bruiser and the Heir to the Seat of Caprathia


A peasant revolt in Caprathia overthrew the Magnusson royal family, forcing Magnus to flee the country with the family’s loyal servant Old Pierre.

The grievances of the peasants can largely be traced not to Magnus’ Father, Count Milos Magnusson, but his Uncle, Magnus I, after whom he was named.

His mother Magda was presumably killed in the revolt as well. His sister Illyana was taken away by another servant, separating them since that day.

Pierre took him to New Orleans, but soon feel ill, forcing Magnus to go to work for the railroad to pay for his medicines.

Despite his years of manual labor, Magnus can read, and speak French and English, but not Carpathian any more.

During his stint as a hammer-man for the railroad, he met Marshall Tucker during a weird occurrence blasting a tunnel under a mountain. He and Tucker were the only ones to emerge from the tunnel alive.

The completion of the railroad and driving of the Golden Spike meant that he found himself settled in San Francisco, where he finally received some personal effects of PIerre that were passed along by his landlady, including a wedding invitation that Pierre kept from him: his sister is now married to a wealthy Englishman named Sir Nigel Finnerman! She’s a proper Lady!

Still digesting this momentous news, screaming and the sounds of fighting in the streets rouse him to action! Setting out from his hotel room, he encounters the aftermath of a terrible disaster, discovering his one-time companion in peril Marshall Tucker, buried under heavy rubble, barely breathing.

Magnus Magnusson

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