Poppa Capuchin


New Simian Army officer somehow involved in procuring weapons and gear for Furious George’s forces. He is an older genetically-enhanced Capuchin with greying fur and a cybernetic right eye capable of emitting a scorching laser.

Took in Shun Hideyoshi as a trainee to try and mold him for use in FG’s special human infiltration squads, but was thwarted when the Jammers managed to get word to Shun that his father Akira Hideyoshi had been purged on Capuchin’s orders (a detail that Shun was not supposed to learn about until much later).

Pursued Shun at the head of a Chimp Squad to just outside The Engineer’s compound, a place avoided by the NSA due to its high-tech security and her scary reputation. Defeated by Shun, but chased into the wastes by the Engineer to avoid the heat killing him would bring down on her.

Introduced: Shun’s backstory

Last Seen fleeing on foot, unarmed his optics smashed, away from the Engineer’s compound in the Future juncture (session 2).

Poppa Capuchin

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