Re (Ray) Zetian (“the Avatar”)


Personality: Re is young, and it shows. She’s a bit naïve, and rarely has the foresight to take things to seriously. Re is appreciative of her many gifts and her responsibility to use them for the benefit of all, but is NOT above using them for the occasional prank. In combat she moves with the fluidity of an acrobat and dancer, using her tremendous powers to augment her skilled (but far from masterful) Kung Fu. She is particularly skilled with the use of Fire and Air, but Water and Earth are giving her some problems – Re doesn’t yet have the experience to keep her Chi fluid and adaptable so as to effectively control water and has not yet developed the strength of her own convictions, which is needed to properly manipulate the earth.


In 690, Wu Zetian ascended to the throne of Empress after having ruled Chine for years through her husband and sons. With the consolidation of her power, China has reached a golden age of unity and prosperity, despite the empress’ harsh hand with those who oppose her. The empress fostered Magic and Chi within her kingdom, and it was seen as a sign of divine providence when one of her daughters gave birth to a pair of twins whose magical power exceeded any of the royal bloodlines. Re and her brother Leng were provided the best education available, and quickly grew in power.

Re’s own ability to manipulate the classical Chinese elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Metal) made her the subject of great debate among sages, some of whom considered her the reincarnation of the fabled avatar – the world’s spirit of balance in mortal form.

One night, when Re and her brother were only ten years old – The Eaters of the Lotus attacked the palace where they resided for the summer. The group of Eunuch sorcerers and their minions assaulted the palace without mercy, laying waste to guard, noble, and peasant alike. Re’s last memory of that evening before passing out from the smoke was reaching for her brother’s hand as a trusted servant, Shao Jiao scooped her up and burst through the fourth story window to safety.

The summer palace was swallowed by flame and Leng was never seen again.

The shame and pain of that evening has haunted the Empress since, making her cold even to her own daughter. Now a woman of 22, Re has decided to strike out and fulfil the promise of the avatar – to bring balance to the world.

Melodramatic Hook: to bring balance to the world in the name of the Empress and my brother, Leng Zetian

Re (Ray) Zetian (“the Avatar”)

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