Tag: Ascended


  • Captain Terwilliker

    [[File:572980 | class=media-item-align-none | Terwilliker.jpg]] British Officer who was harassing peasants in the bamboo forest that is home to the [[Boiled Noodle School]] run by [[:kung | Kung Pao, the Old Master]]. He and his squad of soldiers …

  • Ascended SpecOps

    The Ascended are a powerful force to be reckoned with in he Present juncture, and have many servants at their disposal, including elite Special Operations officers from various jurisdictions. Some of them may actually be Pledged, some of them may just be …

  • Comrade Ursa

    Ursa is a hulking Transformed Bear that the Ascended call in when they need raw, unmitigated muscle. The Dragons only caught a glimpse of him on TV, pummeling [[Lung Chen]] into submission outside the Curiosity Shop. ACTIVE.

  • The Blood Still

    The Blood Still is a grotesque Feng Shui site located in the remote Appalachian wilderness of Kentucky. Located in a boggy holler under an overhanging cliff, it consists of a series of shacks built up and along a colossal weeping willow tree with a …