Ascended SpecOps

The Ascended are a powerful force to be reckoned with in he Present juncture, and have many servants at their disposal, including elite Special Operations officers from various jurisdictions. Some of them may actually be Pledged, some of them may just be really good at their jobs.

Mooks are standard special operations officers in the rank-and-file; they’ve trained more than regular cops, and may have a specialized skill or expertise, but basically they’re still just cops, albeit with fancy black uniforms and state-of-the art ordnance.

In the Taking of Lung Chen’s Curiosities, one squad of elite SpecOps troopers was led by Commander Terwilliker, a Present-day descendent of the same Captain Terwilliker encountered by Kung Pao, the Old Master in the Past juncture of Hong Kong.

  • Commander Terwilliker led the assualt and though he tried to escape, was caught and executed by Shun Hideyoshi on the top floor of the shop. DEAD.
  • Machete, an expert hand-to-hand fighter armed with dual carbon-steel machetes, met his match in Shun Hideyoshi, who decapitated him as well. DEAD.
  • Napalm employed a flame thrower that Re (Ray) Zetian (“the Avatar”) turned back on him, burning him alive and leaving him a smoldering heap on the floor of the shop. PRESUMED DEAD.
  • Buckshot was an assault shotgun-wielding menace who was battered into unconsciousness by Re (Ray) Zetian (“the Avatar”), and left to be recovered by his Ascended allies. PRESUMED ACTIVE.
  • Claymore was an unstable explosives expert who literally wore bombs strapped to his body. An explosion revealed that his arm had been replaced by a very high-tech artificial prosthesis. There was no way to tell just how much of him might not have been still flesh. Magnus Magnusson electrocuted him and left him comatose in the shop. PRESUMED DEAD.
  • Downtown was a sniper and expert in tactical-range guns. The Dragons managed to locate and attack his post, and he fell several stories after being emphatically defenestrated by Kung Pao, the Old Master. PRESUMED DEAD OR INCAPACITATED.

Ascended SpecOps

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