The Blood Still

The Blood Still is a grotesque Feng Shui site located in the remote Appalachian wilderness of Kentucky.

Located in a boggy holler under an overhanging cliff, it consists of a series of shacks built up and along a colossal weeping willow tree with a winding marshy path leading to the still itself, hidden under the cliff away from view from above.

A repulsive clutch of belligerent and inbred Transformed Animals, the Possum Clan, claim it as home, though they do no seem to understand its true nature. As things stand, they use the still to brew a particular brand of moonshine they call Redhooch. It is reputed to have magical properties, and is renowned locally for its powerful kick.


Anyone attempting to trespass on the property of the still will find themselves face-to-face with the various hazards of stepping up on the Possum Clan.

  • Little Joe’s Hounds These vicious killers are caregully pure-bred (maybe a little TOO carefully) by Little Joe to rip apart anything foolish enough to trespass in the Holler. They are powerful and vicious but dumb as posts.
  • Holler Snares The Holler is littered with traps and snares meant to catch both unwary prey animals and unwary intruders. The Possum Clan seem to always know where even the most carefully-laid snare might be lurking, but unwary intruders might be snapped up in a bear trap or stumble into a shallow pit filled with sharpened stakes at any inopportune moment.


The Possum Clan is made up not just of direct descendants of Ma Poassum, but close friends and relations (all referred to in-family as ‘Cousins’.)

  • Cyrus Polecat The Possum lookout and sharpshooter, he sits atop the treehouse and watches the tree line for intruders. Crack shot with his Kentucky long rifle.
  • Big Joe Possum Tall but rail-thin Posusm cousin with an unhealthy interest in his ‘skinnin’ knife’, he came at Shun Hideyoshi when Shun was caufght up a bear trap and though he managed a good stab or two, eventually got his face cut off. DEAD.
  • Little Joe Possum Short but tree-thick Possum cousin who oversees the pack of hounds that patrol the Holler and track down fugitives. Engaged in a brawl with Magnus Magnusson.

The Blood Still

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