Lo Pan


Foul and despotic (if pragmatic) sorcerous crime lord of San Francisco in the Past.

Ally to Sir Nigel Finnerman in his pursuit of revenge on Pei Mai Bei and, by association, Marshall Jefferson Tucker.

Sent a horde of demons to destroy the Mai Bei house and kill all inside, including the mop-up goon squad led by Silvergrin and watched over by the craven Toadlick.

Arrived at the house surprised to find Tucker still alive, thanks to the assistance of his old pal Content Not Found: magnus-magnusson, he helpfully pointed Tucker in the direction of Hong Kong, happy to set the two White Devils at each others throats once he had been paid.

Introduced: Backstory for Tucker

Last seen as a sorcerous projection of some kind, apparently in good health, and fine spirits, cackling to himself in the burning ruins of the Mai Pei house in the Past juncture of San Francisco at the end of Session 1.

Lo Pan

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